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New Homes


Site and context

Land at Copenacre is located on Bath Road, 1 mile west of Corsham town centre, Wiltshire. Corsham is a historic market town, renowned for its distinctive buildings and traditional village style. The site is surrounded by open countryside to the west, north and east and Bath Road forms its southern boundary. The site comprises approximately 5.37 hectares (13 acres) and consisted of redundant office and storage buildings. It has a complex history, including use as a Bath Stone quarry, storage during World War II and a Royal Navy test site.


Our proposals at Copenacre included the redevelopment of the site with up to 40 new homes, the demolition of existing derelict buildings, as well as the introduction of new public open space and associated infrastructure. The new development regenerates a brownfield site and the creation of a new gateway to the market town of Corsham.

Current status

Planning consent was granted for our scheme in 2012.