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Strategic Land

Working with land owners, local authorities and local residents to create attractive, sustainable, 21st century communities following Garden Community principles. 

Through charrettes and other community engagement activities, we listen and learn to understand how new communities can be delivered harmoniously with local residents, businesses and the environment. Our proposed new 21st century communities are designed to deliver new infrastructure, schools, nurseries, homes and so much more, with special care and consideration for our changing requirements from the built environment. 

Drawing on the latest research, such as our Future of Work report, we understand how people’s needs to live and work have changed. These insights enable us to design and deliver new communities for our modern society, with everything within easy, safe and attractive walking & cycling distances: schools, GP facilities, play areas, places to work and shops to visit.

Working with Landowners

There are a range of options available, find out more about how we work with land owners. 

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We are uniquely positioned to provide a range of solutions for all land owners. Please get in touch to have an informal conversation exploring your options, and how we can find the best solution for you. 

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A diverse group of people with a shared passion to create great places

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