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Working with Landowners

We work with landowners to understand their needs & requirements, and align these with our expert knowledge of the planning system. Having delivered 50+ sites across the UK since 2006, we've established institutional processes and an expert team of planners, consultants and advisors to meet your needs.

We align our services to suit your requirements and timelines, and broadly work in 3 distinct ways, whereby at no cost to you we can:

  1. Buy your land unconditionally for a fair value
  2. Establish an option agreement to buy your land within an agreed time period (during which time we work to secure a planning permission or an allocation within the local plan)
  3. Establish a promotion agreement, whereby we work to secure a planning permission or an allocation within the local plan for a fee

All landowners have their own preferences, and we welcome any opportunity to meet and discuss your requirements.

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Please get in touch to have an informal conversation about how we can find the best solution for you.

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