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The Future of Work Report

Implications for local economic development and planning in the UK

Understanding the 'future of work' is essential to making sure new development is sustainable and reflects the needs of local communities.

Commissioned by Summix, research undertaken by Smart Growth Analytics reveals why the UK needs to rethink how it plans for and designs new development.

The Future of Work report provides a comprehensive data-led analysis of post-pandemic working patterns, explaining how these changes have created an opportunity to unlock the potential of the built environment and deliver a positive human impact.

The report includes analysis of:

  • The key drivers of the future of work in the UK
  • The unprecedented impact of COVID-19 on the world of work in the UK, including the rise of ‘tri-brid’ working patterns and ‘hidden business parks’
  • Implications for traditional office space
  • What planners, developers and local authorities need to consider when planning for new development

The Future of Work Report

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